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Elena Vitrichenko


Here is the QUEEN of Rhythmics!
 Elena has improved since her first appeared at the 1992 Worlds in Brussels with the Ukrainian Group at the age of 16. We could see her as individual gymnast in 1993 in Alicante, where she won our hearts for the first time:)))
 Now, at 23, we can say she has reach the perfection. She makes the routine look so simple and easy! Her elegance and mature makes her style different from any other gymnast. Always original, she introduces new elements.
 She makes her routines with her coach and mother Nina. Elena loves the music feels as an artist when she is performing, she IS an artist. She can interpretate any music, with the best technique and movements. Unfortunately, judges are blind, and they don't give her the marks she really deserves (10 for sure) But I have an answer for this incredible situation: Elena is so good and perfect, that she maybe does something different from the current RSG we are used to see...
Anyway, Elena always performs to the audience, and the audience loves her!
In 1997, Elena won the European Championships in Patras (Greece) in June, and some months later, she won the World Championships in Berlin, where she also got 3 more gold medals at the apparatus finals with rope, clubs and ribbon, a silver medal with hoop, even though she got 10 points, and a bronze one at the Teams finals with her teammates Tatiana Popova, Tamara Erofeeva and Elena Gatilova . Justice was done for the first time!
She is also consider as the Olympic Champion in Atlanta, where she did 4 perfect routines, but placed only 3rd... In Sydney 2000 she placed 4th!! (incredible). Even if the bronze was given to Kabaeva, who did several serious mistakes. Elena was again the best there, and judges and politics took off the gold she really desserves one more time. After it and the Grand Prix in Deventer on November the 10th, she has stopped her great career, and we have missed the best RSG genius we have ever seen.
Elena is also studying pedagogical education at the University, and she's preparing a master in RSG training.
Elena, you will be always in our hearts!

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