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Anna Bessonova

Anna first appeared when she was recently 15 years old at the World Championships in Osaka. She is very mature for her young age. Her compositions are full of elements in which she shows her flexibility and domain of leaps and balances. Her long legs let her perform cleanly.
 Daughter of the World Group Champion Viktorya Serikh, she soon realized she was born for Rhythmics. First, her mother brought her at some choreographing lessons, but Anna asked her to train RSG when she was only 4.  She knew it was her destiny, and her mom had to hand over, though she was surprised at her soon daughter's decision. Finally, anna was coached by her mother, untill 4 yares ago, when she became Deruigina's student.
  She has everything to succeed in this sport and maybe she'll be the new RSG figure and lead of the Ukrainian Team in the next years.
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