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Ekaterina Serebrianskaya

This tall and tiny girl started RSG at the age of 5 with her mother.
 Her height, long legs and arms made her so clean in her performances. Ekaterina combiened her body technique with the music and the apparatusses making a whole of everything. She is noticed for her leaps, flexibility and mature she showed since the first time. Ekaterina often used classic music, as Tchaikovsky's but also modern pop music, fixing them in the same routine.
 At first, Katya was in the National Ukrainian  Group, coached by Albina and Irina Deruigina, with she compited at the 1992 Europeans. But after the retirement of the big Ukrainian stars Alexandra Timoshenko and Oksana Skaldina after the Olympic Games, The Ukrainian Team took her into the individual discipline and brang her to the 92 World Championships in Brussels where she placed 5th... really a good position for her first indivudual appearence. She even had to compit with Timoshenko's routine as there was no time to make new ones for her. Since them, Katya started a magnificent career . In 1996, Ekaterina was the absolute champion of everything: Worlds and European Cup in 1995, and European Champs and Olympic Games in 1996.
 Ekaterina said many times she would like to compit till 24 or 25 years old, but in 1997 she had some (and usual) problems with her former coaches Albina and Irina Deruigina that Katya was away from the National Team training gym and had to train alone with her mother and all-live coach Lybov Serebrianskaya. That's why she retired at the end of 1998. By the way, many people say we could see the best Serebrianskaya at the 98 Europeans, where she was in a very good form and she presented her all time best routines. It is a pity we were forbidden of this gymnast in her best moment.
 Nowadays, Ekaterina is married and a mother of a beautiful boy. She also works at a model agency were she is the boss.

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