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Maria Petrova

This is one of the most successful gymnast in the RSG history.
 She impressed the world for the first time at the 1991 Worlds Champ in Athens, with her amazing clubs routine. Who could imagine that this little 15 year-old girl would be 3 time World Champion, twice European Champion, and once winner of the European Cup. She also got a silver medal in Brussels' 92 Worlds after Oksana Kostina, and two 5th positions at the Olympic Games in Barcelona and Atlanta.
She retired 3 times! The first one, after getting her 2nd world title in Paris'94. But fortunately for all her fans, her coach Neshka Robeva asked her to return to the sport, winning another world title in Viena'95, where she retired again, to finally go to the Olympic Games in Atlanta and finish her career with another Olympic diploma.
 She showed her security on the carpet, it was very strange seeing her failing a routine. That helped her in her great career.
 Now she is married with a famous Bulgarian soccer goalkeeper, Bobby Mihailov, and has a daughter. We maybe see another Petrova on the carpet in some years!!!
 But of course Maria isn't apart from RSG. She is working at the Bulgarian National Gymnastics Federation and she studies Physical Education and Sports at the University.
We wish her the best luck in her new age in RSG.

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