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Larissa Lukyanenko

Larissa was one of the more hard workers gymnast and she had also one of the best minds to do RSG, as she always was unfair judged and failed in one of her routines... But in spite of all, she always go on the carpet again to improve herself, and to show us how good she could do.
She was an incredible fighter of this sport!
 She's is known for her originality in all of her routines. Not only introduced her new elements and movements, but also she made a new style. Her routines were full of risk, and she innovated in every movement, drops, catches, pirouettes and any combination she showed. She was a masterprice of everything. She is one of the completiest gymnasts ever seen.
 At first she was behind the URRS figures, as Timoshenko and Skaldina, as well as Kostina. Fortunately, she finally had her big opportunity at European Championships in 1992 at the age of 19. She was about to get the gold, but she made a mistake in her wonderfull hoop routine that placed her in a merit 5th position. That would be after Larissa's bad luck... always a fail impided her to succeed in any Championship. It's a pity and incredible that this great gymnast didn't win anything
Anyway, she was always pleased and went again working till see her dream come true. Her main aim was going to the Olympic Games in Atalanta. She retired that year at the age of 23. Maybe old, but who can say she wasn't as good as to get a medal.. maybe the gold? Larissa was always the best, and her age wasn't a problem for doing rhythmics.
 Her ball and clubs routines are reminded as some of the best of those disciplines we can see, without forgetting her other apparatus routines.
 Now she is coaching the Belarussian Junior Team. We are sure she is doing a great work!
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