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Yana Batyrshina


This little girl have been one of the most surprised in the RG scene, since her first major senior championship was the 1994 Europeans, at only 15 years old. Her flexibility and speed plus charmy smile and expression made her one of the crowd's favourite. also in 1994, she qualified for the ribbon final at the World Championships in Paris. Before that, she placed 2nd at the Junior European Champs just after Belarussian Olga Gontar.
So nice was she that many people expected mroe from her in the following years, but her best moment was from 1997, when she showed a mature gymnastics way, and maybe were those years when she really deserved medals. But maybe nerves or just bad luck impided her to take the gold at any big competition. In 98 very near to take Europeans gold, she faild with ribbon allowing her new teammate Alina Kabeva to the top of the podium. at the end of that year, Yana decided to quit gymnastics at only 18. it is said that she quit because hae lost ehr coach's favour to Kabaeva, maybe she was just tired.
But anyway, Yana will be always remembered as one of the most cute and flexible gymnasts, and of course, her masterprices rope, ball, ribbon.. routines.
at the moment, Yana is a coach somewhere. She went to Brazil to coach the National Team and now she is suppossed to live in russia again.

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