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Yulia Barsukova

Yulia is real a ballarina. She has waited a long time for her oportunity to be a member of the Russian team. In fact she is about 21 years old.
 Her coach, Irina Viner said:  "Yulia wanted to quit long time ago, as there were many gymnasts ahead of her, as Batyrshina, Zaripova, Lipkovskaya and Kabaeva. She thought she could never be on the top. But I told her to saty and wait for her moment. And this is her moment. Now Yulia is one of the best and she can win."
And Viner was not wrong. Yulia placed 3rd at her first World Championships in Osaka'99, and 3rd again at the last Euros in Zaragoza 2000, always after Kabaeva and Raskina. She seems now the eternal 3rd, but ecerybody knows the situation of the corruption judges. If any gymnasts deserve a really 10, one of them is Yulia. At the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000, Yulis got the gold medal, even if it was not her best competition, but at least, a great gymnast placed first!
 She has incredible flexibilty, but her routines are based on ballet. As a result of this, Yulia is noticed for her amazing balances and pirouettes with a big leaps amplitude. We even can see a contorsion in some of her routines. She performes under classic music most of all -we are sure that her ball routine under "The Swam lake" has made history- But this year her new rope routine was a surprised for all of us, as she performes under modern and fast music. This is a good point as, although some people prefer Yulia's classic style, we can see other things of Yuliechka, and she shows she can interpretate all types of music, not only classic one. Maybe Yulia has more surprises for her fans! By the way, Yulia even often performs for the famous ballet company Bolshoi. She is a wonderful ballarina!
 And I wonder "where was Yulia during all this years?" We hope to see her many years more.

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