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Teodora Aleksandrova


The 1995 European Junior Champion is one of the crowd's favourite. She was suppossed to be the next queen after Maria Petrova, but she was another one more victim of the corruption judging No matter whether judges recognised or not her work, she has assumed that, and so she performs for the audience and enjoyment. At a time that gymnasts do not introduce any risk in thier routines, thanks to the CODE point, she does 3 illlusions under hoop or ribbon, in order to enjoy and make us keep in loving this sport. even if she has not any medal at a major senior competition, the audience always support her. She is really amazing, especially doing pivots. She can do about 15!!! WOW!! She is also noticed for fantastic balances, incredible speed, cute smile, risk and a wonderfull apparatus handling. the only shame is that maybe due to her high and short legs, she lacks in jumping. But anyway she deserves our admirance and of course some medal!
Last year 2000 she broke a leg, and though she was ready to the Olympics, the Bulgarian Federetaion decided to send the young gymnast Iva Tepechanova to Sydney. Teodora was very dissapionted and thought on quitting the sport. Fortunately for us and our loved sport, she'll fight for everything next season!
So good luck Teo, you deserve the best!

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